ScandinaviaLamp vs Inferior Reproductions

In the last couple of years, there has been a surge of companies that are trying to meet the demand of iconic design reproductions.  Due to lack of competition, these companies often take shortcuts in the quality of material and craftsmanship in order to maximize profit. As a result, their finished product lacks the quality and finer details of the original piece. We feel the need to share product knowledge with our customers, so they can make informed comparisons between Scandinavialamp' selections and the low-grade reproductions flooding into the market.

Scandinavialamp vs Cheap  Manufacture or Trade company

Have you come across a really Manufacture or Trade company that claims top quality, yet their pictures are small, low resolution, and generic to other websites? This is because they can't show you the close up pictures of their actual product. They hide behind the obscurity of their product pictures and count on their buyers to assume all reproductions are made the same.

Compare For Yourself

We are not all talk. We encourage all customers to visit our showroom so they may compare the value and quality differences first hand. For online customers, we take in house studio pictures to present high resolution and magnified details so you can spot all the finer details of our furniture and compare them with others.

The Bottom Line

Simply look through our product comparisons below to learn the Scandinavialamp difference. We may not be the lowest in price, yet we source the highest quality materials, craft in the finer details, and deliver the highest value dollar for dollar by far. Our iconic pieces are built to last so you may enjoy them for many years to come.

Artichoke  Lamp Spun table lamp Bauhause Table Lamp
Artichoke Lamp FLos Arco Floor lamp Spun table lamp bauhaus Table Lamp

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