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Tom Dixon's Beat Pendant Lights
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India influenced Tom Dixon's series of brass Beat Pendant Lights in more ways than one. Indian cooking pots and water vessels inspired their striking forms, while master craftsmen spin the forms and hand beat the brass in Moradabad, Northern India. In a world where so many things are mass produced, the creation of these lights keeps these rare skills employed and alive.

The pendants come in several shapes with very straightforward names, like Fat, Stout, Wide and Tall — refreshing, eh? They can be used as singles, pairs, trios and more; lined up in a row or clustered in a circle; hung at the same length or staggered. The formula for figuring out how many possibilities there are probably involves using factorials and is well above the math skill set I left behind in calculus class a long time ago. Regardless, I've gathered up a sampling of some of the possibilities for you to compare and contrast, no calculus necessary.
contemporary living room by Gaile Guevara
by Gaile Guevara
by Gaile Guevara
Let's start simply — this is a Fat, Wide, Fat pattern hung in a line at the same height. The shapes work well with minimalist aesthetics and keep things interesting.
modern living room by Todd Davis Architecture
by Todd Davis Architecture
Moving along, this arrangement has five pendants arranged like a linear mobile in a symmetrical pattern (Wide, Tall, Fat, Tall, Wide).
modern family room Coordinating Rugs in Portland condo
If you want the eyes to dance a little more, you can vary the heights of the pendants as you see in this photo. When you use more than one or two pendants, the group becomes a sculptural chandelier.
contemporary dining room by Willey Design LLC
by Willey Design LLC
by Willey Design LLC
There is no rule saying the pendants need to be arranged in a straight line; here a cluster hovers over the center of a small dining table.
The outside of the pendants sports a matte black finish, while the brass inside bounces the light around and creates a gorgeous glow.
modern dining room by MB Jessee
by MB Jessee
by MB Jessee
This arrangement is composed around the largest pendant, Stout.
contemporary media room by Jim Tetro
by Jim Tetro
by Jim Tetro
Everything in this room is rather rectilinear, with the exception of the Beat Pendants and the sculptural round table. The two are having a nice conversation amid all the straight lines and light colors.
by Slightly Quirky Ltd
by Slightly Quirky Ltd
by Slightly Quirky Ltd
Now that you've seen a bunch of mixed groups, what do you think of a simple pair of pendants?
contemporary kitchen by SK Designers - Shimrit Kaufman
by SK Designers - Shimrit Kaufman
by SK Designers - Shimrit Kaufman
A lined-up trio keeps the minimalist look yet adds interesting shapes to the mix.
contemporary kitchen by Adriana
by Adriana
by Adriana
Tip: When planning lighting for a long kitchen island, consider using two large pendant lights instead of three or four small ones.
traditional basement by dSPACE Studio Ltd
by dSPACE Studio Ltd
by dSPACE Studio Ltd
Just because the Beats were inspired by pots and water vessels doesn't mean they are limited to the kitchen and the dining room. Beat lights create some seriously swanky billiard lighting. If this seems familiar, it's because Chuck Bass has a group of Beat Pendants over his pool table in his apartment on Gossip Girl.
tropical bedroom by Rockefeller Partners Architects
by Rockefeller Partners Architects
Hanging your lights is always a good way to save space on a nightstand.
contemporary home office by Fiorella Design
by Fiorella Design
by Fiorella Design
A Fat pendant throws great light on a desk in this tree house–like study.
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