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We Currently have a certain number of items in stock...
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We Currently have a certain number of items in stock...

These are usually fast sellers that we kept them with resellers and end users in immediate shipping, but generally, we also hold small quantities of stock at our showroom as back up. Generally if you are interested please take a look

Artichoke lamp 48cm DIA copper x 5 (CE),White X 5(CE), Silver X 5(CE) , copper x 2 (UL),White X 2(UL), Silver X 2(UL) ,

Artichoke lamp 60cm DIA White X 5(CE), Silver X 5(CE) , White X 2(UL), Silver X 2(UL),

PH50 Silver x 2 (CE), light green X 2(CE)

Tolomeo table lamp x 30(CE) Silver

AJ table lamp black X 20, White x 20 , (CE) Black x 4,WhiteX2 (UL)

AJ floor lamp black X 10,White X 10,Grey X 2 (CE)

AJ wall lamp black x 6,White x 4,(CE)

Santa G5 Tripod floor lamp Black x 2,White x 2,Red X 2, (CE),RED x 2(UL)

BAUHAUS LAMP white x 20(CE), white x 5(UL)

And once if we have a new stock list we will notify you asap, if you are ordering something that is time crictical we will be happy to check its in stock for you just call us on 86-15007550831 or e-mail us using info@scandinavialamp.com

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