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PH Artichoke Lamp Hit
Model: PL001
Maker: scandinavia lamp, Home of the lowest priced modern contemporary& retro designer lamps
PH Artichoke Lamp by Poul Henningsen / Copper
Painted spun alu leaves;
High-polish stainless steel frame or Chrome frame;
Stainless steel aircraft cable.

This Contemporary Chandelier is a highly detailed, hand crafted reproduction of the original Artichoke pendant lamp. The Artichoke Lamp was designed in 1958 by Poul Henningsen who is now recognized as the first “lighting architect.” True to the original, The Artichoke is made from 72 “leaves” placed on 12 steel arches. They illuminate the beautiful fixture as well as emit diffused light in a unique pattern making the lamp a piece of art.. Each row features 6 Hand guided laser cut “leaves”. The first four rows of leaves progressively increase in dimension size. The remaining 7 rows contain the largest leave size and are consistent. The total 66 lucent like “leaves” appear to unfold into the classic “artichoke” form, capturing the light from within and softly dispensing it back into the room. Each leaf is offset diffusing the source of the direct light and providing for an indirect glow of light which emanates from the center of the lamp. No other Chandelier pendant lamp design quite duplicates the pleasing indirect. Now you can own your very own version of the Artichoke that is easily recognized worldwide as the Modern Classic Icon in lighting.

-  0.9mm thick Brushed Aluminum leaves    
-  12 Stainless Steel Arches extend from top to bottom of the Chandelier    
-  11 Individual offset rows of leaves extend from the top to the bottom of the lamp    
-  6 light diffusing “leaves” per row alternately hand placed in opposition to the previous layer hide the direct     
-  Light source emanating from the middle of the lamp    
-  Hand Guided Individually Laser cut leaves    
-  Carbon Steel Center reflective area    
-  Metal “Oxidation Dyed” process used to achieve each lamps desired tone    
-  Lamp Type: Ceiling Mount Hanging Chandelier    
-  Hangs using 3 stainless steel 1.2mm diameter cords (included)    
-  Hanging Height: Customize to desired length from ceiling down to the maximum cord length    
Maximum Cord Length: 120cm long    
-  Lamp Dimensions: 60cm in diameter x 70cm in total pendant body - height    
-  Lamp Installation Type: Standard Wired Direct. Professional or DIY ceiling mounted chandelier    
-  Included Accessories: Screw package, Ceiling cap, steel wire length adjuster    
-  UL and CE is available for options    
All of our products are manufactured using only UL, VDE approved parts and meet CE standards. For example,we only use ARDITI sockets made in Italy. Our lamps are made for American, European and Asian clients and come with changeable AC adaptors plugs. Our lamps could also be built for different voltage input around the world.Each product in Scandinavia lamp is produced in accordance with international test standards through self-test, process inspection and final product testing to ensure high quality energy-saving products.All of our products have passed Hipot testing which verifies electrical insulation in our products for life-time safety.     
-          ARDITI sockets meets all standard (Made in Italy)    
-          E27 Incandescent bulb with max 60W(not included)    
-          Available with Aluminum / White / Brass / Copper     
-          Available with 48cm Dia or 60cm Dia

Designer: Poul Henningsen.

Although Scandinavia has contributed numerous classic pieces to modern design culture, few have truly achieved international iconic status; Poul Henningsen's PH lamp is one of those that has.

Trained as an architect, Henningsen is best known for a series of lighting fixtures that resulted from his fascination with the then-new technology of the electric lightbulb. In 1925, one of these fixtures won first prize for modern lighting at the Paris Exposition of Decorative Arts. The next year it was put into production by Louis Poulsen & Co. in Copenhagen, and it has been in continuous international demand ever since.

Having grown up in a small Danish town without electricity at the turn of the century, Henningsen wanted to recreate the soft gas lighting of his youth in his electric fixtures. Composed of concentric tiers of reflective painted metal bands, the PH design was carefully based on scientific analysis of a lamp shade's function. The goal of even distribution of light and reduction of glare determined the size, shape and position of the shades. Variations of the PH lamp design were made to accommodate various functions and spaces, and within a few years of its introduction the PH lamp was being used in world-class institutions and homes across Scandinavia.

Henningsen continued to design for Louis Poulsen well after these early successes, and in 1958 he produced yet another classic – the majestic Artichoke lamp. Based on the same principle as the multilayered shade, the Artichoke employs leaf-like elements to compose the form. With its grand size, the Artichoke creates dramatic atmospheric lighting appropriate for elegant commercial settings and larger domestic spaces.

It is a testament to the Scandinavian aesthetic – and Henningsen's genius – that a group of lighting fixtures derived from scientific principles can exude such warmth, elegance and soul

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