Lead Time

Overview of Production Process

Overview of Production Process

We provide a comprehensive overview of our production process, guiding you through the journey from order placement to the final delivery of your product. This insight offers a clear understanding of the time and effort invested at every stage.

Sample Orders: Approximately 10-15 days
For sample orders, we request customers to provide essential details such as images, dimensions, materials, design maps, CAD files, or website links. These inputs allow us to estimate the approximate production time for your samples. While sample costs may exceed those of bulk orders, any additional charges will be seamlessly incorporated into your bulk order.

Small Batch Orders: Balancing Efficiency
Our delivery commitment for small batch orders falls between sample and bulk orders. Depending on order size, these shipments typically take around 15 to 20 days. Unique or non-standard products might require extra production time. We recommend maintaining open communication with your dedicated sales representative to confirm precise delivery times for such exceptional products.

Bulk Orders: A Range of 25-35 days
The timeline for delivering bulk orders varies based on the complexity of your chosen lighting fixtures. Standard products usually enjoy the shortest production period, while non-standard options, personalized colors, distinct materials, and tailored designs might necessitate extended lead times. Specific delivery schedules will be confirmed in the invoice format shared by our customer service team, tailored to your order size.

Pre-order Communication

We emphasize proactive pre-order communication with our dedicated sales team. This essential step ensures your specific requirements are promptly understood and accurately reflected in the final delivery timeline.

Order Priority: Customized to Your Needs
Discover how order priority can influence delivery times. Projects with exceptional urgency might call for expedited processing. Gain insight into how our adaptable approach ensures your specific needs are met while maintaining overall efficiency.

Port and Transit Time: Seamless Logistics
Uncover the post-production journey as your product embarks on transit. From port processing to transportation, we offer insight into the timeframes involved. Our strategic collaboration with seasoned freight agents ensures the seamless orchestration of logistics.

Delivery Assurance: Your Peace of Mind
In select cases, we provide delivery assurance. This can encompass commitments to meet delivery timelines or proactive solutions in case of unforeseen delays. Our goal is your peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

Showcasing Success Stories
We take immense pride in our successful decade-long partnership with Mr. Ralph in New Zealand. Over these ten years, our punctuality has been consistent, with minimal delays not exceeding 5 days. This longstanding collaboration underscores our steadfast dedication to meeting delivery timelines while showcasing our exceptional proficiency.

Each section has been thoughtfully organized to provide clarity and a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of your delivery process, from order placement to successful delivery.