Danish Style Pendant – 14cm Glass Cloche Vintage lampholder

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The Danish Style Collective Pendant – 14cm Glass Cloche with Vintage lampholder

The popular glass cloche pendant in a dinky little 14cm size!

The pendant you’re referring to sounds exquisite! A slender adaptation of our well-loved cloche-shaped glass pendant collection, Scandinavialamp’s selection boasts a carefully curated array of hand-blown glass sourced globally.

Each piece is a testament to the artistry involved, with features like bubbles, lines, and subtle surface variations adding a unique touch.

It’s important to note that these characteristics are inherent to finely crafted glass, reinforcing the authenticity of the hand-blown and hand-crafted process.

Rather than flaws, consider them distinctive elements that contribute to the pendant’s overall charm.


The Danish Style Collective Pendant – 14cm Glass Cloche with Vintage lampholder
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Glass Shade:
– Clear
– 180mm high
– 140mm wide

Vintage Lamp Holder:
– Black, Brass, Pewter, Silver or White
– 110mm high- sits 80mm high above glass shade

Textile Cord:
– Black textile cord with Black, Brass, Pewter and Silver lamp holders
– White textile cord with White lamp holder
– 2.5m and may be shortened

Ceiling Rose:
– Black ceiling rose with Black and Brass lamp holders
– Pewter ceiling rose with Pewter lamp holder
– Silver ceiling rose with Silver lamp holder
– White ceiling rose with White lamp holder
– 100mm wide
– 20mm high

E27 Screw-in lamp holder – 60 watt max
Must be installed by a registered Electrician

Additional information

The color of Lampshade



Black, White


Black, Brass, Pewter, Silver, White


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