Regal Elegance Table Lamp

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Introducing the Regal Elegance Table Lamp, a perfect blend of timeless European royal charm and modern sophistication. This exquisite lamp features a unique elongated cylindrical glass shade that widens gracefully in the middle, reminiscent of classical European designs. Vertical stripes adorn the glass, enhancing its regal aesthetic and creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. Paired with a luxurious walnut wood base, this lamp is an embodiment of elegance and style.


Key Features:

  • Royal Design: The elongated cylindrical glass shade, widening in the middle with vertical stripes, evokes a sense of European classical elegance.
  • Elegant Aesthetic: The combination of the unique glass shape and walnut wood base offers a sophisticated, timeless look.
  • Warm Ambiance: Emits a warm light that enhances the cozy and inviting atmosphere of any space.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various settings such as bedrooms, living rooms, studies, and offices, adding a touch of classic elegance to any decor.
  • Perfect Gift: An excellent choice for those who appreciate unique and stylish home decor. Ideal for housewarmings, birthdays, and special occasions.


  • Material: Walnut wood base & clear cylindrical glass with vertical stripes
  • Size: Height 29 cm, Diameter 16 cm
  • Lighting: Emits warm light, creating a cozy atmosphere
  • Suitable For: Bedroom, living room, study, office, etc.
  • Unique Feature: Elongated cylindrical glass with a widening middle and vertical stripes for a distinctive, regal look


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