Retro Vintage American Design-Metal Funnel Vintage Pendant

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Retro Vintage American Design-Metal Funnel Vintage Pendant

The industrial chic metal shade effortlessly combines with our exquisite vintage lamp holder selections, creating a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic. The juxtaposition of rugged industrial elements with the timeless charm of vintage design results in a unique and stylish lighting solution. The clean lines and metallic finish of the shade add a contemporary touch, while the vintage lamp holder options bring a sense of nostalgia and warmth to the overall look. Together, they form a harmonious blend of modern and classic elements, making this lighting fixture a perfect choice for spaces that appreciate both style and simplicity.


Retro Vintage American Design-Metal Funnel Vintage Pendant
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Metal Shade:
– Black
– 150mm high
– 180mm diameter

Vintage Lamp Holder:
– Black, Brass, Pewter, Silver or White
– 110mm high
– sits 80mm high above metal shade

Textile Cord:
– Black textile cord with Black, Brass, Pewter and Silver lamp holders
– White textile cord with White lamp holder
– 2.5m and may be shortened

Ceiling Rose:
– Black ceiling rose with Black and Brass lamp holders
– Pewter ceiling rose with Pewter lamp holder
– Silver ceiling rose with Silver lamp holder
– White ceiling rose with White lamp holder
– 100mm wide
– 20mm high

E27 Screw-in lamp holder – 60 watt max
Must be installed by a registered Electrician

Additional information

The color of Lampshade



White, Black, Brass, Pewter, Silver


White, Black


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