Textile Three-Core Electrical Wire,numerous wire colors available for your lights

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Create and DIY the lighting fixtures you need, and illuminate your house.

Selecting different colored wires for lighting fixtures can yield a variety of effects for the lighting strips. Each color choice can imbue the space with a distinct ambiance and mood. Whether you opt for vibrant hues to infuse energy or softer tones for a calming touch, the wire color plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall aesthetic and feel of the illuminated area. Experimenting with various wire colors allows for creative customization, enabling you to craft lighting solutions that resonate perfectly with the desired atmosphere


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There are many color options to choose from


Price & quantity is charged per meter.

Use the quantity function to select the amount of meters you need.

Braided Textile sleeve with PVC inner insulation
3 core 0.75mm

Additional information

Color of Cord

Blue, Sky Blue, Red, Yellow, Green


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