Scandinavian Interior Limited Packing Method

Scandinavian Interior Limited Packing Method

Welcome to our website’s packaging page! As a professional exporter of lighting fixtures, we are committed to providing high-quality products that meet the requirements of the European, American, and Oceanian markets. We offer excellent packaging services to ensure that each product is professionally and safely packaged, reaching your hands intact, and meeting the seamless journey to your customers in Europe, America, and Oceania.

Product Packaging Description:

Packaging Materials: We are dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials within two years, such as recyclable and biodegradable cardboard, packaging paper, pulp molds, and paper cards combined with rigid cardboard, to replace traditional non-environmentally friendly packaging materials like foam, plastic, expanded polystyrene (EPS), and bubble bags that cause pollution and burden to our planet. This not only ensures optimal protection for your lighting fixtures during transportation but also saves you the additional cost and headache of handling packaging materials, while contributing to a cleaner Earth.

Outer Packaging: We precisely design the outer packaging based on the dimensions and weight of your products to minimize the risk of damage and collisions during transportation and storage. For heavier or easily deformable products susceptible to external forces, we provide an additional paper card armor on the outside of the carton for dual protection, rather than using wooden frames that may require fumigation and pose risks such as wood shavings or infestation. Typically, all our products undergo destructive testing and high-drop testing to ensure the safety of both the internal and external packaging, giving customers peace of mind during transit.

Inner Packaging: We use paper cards and packaging paper to protect fragile items, such as glass, and typically employ disposable molded recycled and biodegradable paper film for protection. For lamp sockets, wires, accessories packs, and assembly instructions (if applicable), we use paper cards placed in the corners to ensure that there is no damage due to friction between lampshades and sockets.

Labels and Stickers: We label the outer packaging with product name, model, and important features for easy identification and categorization by your customers. Additionally, we affix relevant warning labels on the packaging to ensure safety during packaging and usage.

Packaging Design: Our professional design team creates unique and visually appealing packaging designs for your lighting fixtures, aligning with the trends and brand image in the European, American, and Oceanian markets. If you have a substantial order, we can meticulously design the packaging based on your logo, making your products stand out in the market, increase visibility, brand recognition, and attract more attention and sales opportunities.

User Manuals: For products that require assembly, we provide clear user manuals in the packaging to assist your customers in correctly using and installing the lighting fixtures. This ensures a pleasant shopping experience and ensures the safety and long-term use of the products.

Disclaimer: Our packaging is typically unique compared to our competitors, focusing primarily on environmental friendliness and safety. However, for some products with specific dimensions or special materials, we still need to use EPS or non-environmentally friendly materials for packaging. We appreciate your understanding as environmentally friendly materials in packaging entail additional labor and costs. However, these choices reflect our manufacturer’s commitment to the environment and customers. This approach will enhance your customers’ trust and satisfaction with the product, as it demonstrates a commitment to environmentally friendly packaging from the outset.

Additionally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our lighting partner in New Zealand for playing a crucial role in the upgrading and replacement of environmentally friendly packaging materials. Their collaboration has been instrumental in our progress. At present, nearly 99% of their products are packaged using fully environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials.