Scandinavialamp Photo Bank

Scandinavialamp Photo Bank: Your Resource for High-Quality Product Imagery

Welcome to the Scandinavialamp Photo Bank – a collection of professionally crafted, high-resolution product images made available exclusively to our esteemed customers. Our objective is to empower you with premium commercial imagery that meets the highest standards of quality. These images are intended for use in website development, catalog creation, and similar purposes by our valued business clients.

Terms of Use: Your Guide to Utilizing Our Photo Bank

To ensure a seamless experience, please review the following Terms of Use:

  1. Watermark with Your Company Logo: Elevate Your Brand Identity

We encourage you to prominently display your company logo as a watermark on the images when incorporating them into your website. This not only adds a personalized touch but also enhances your brand identity in a visually appealing manner.

  1. Authorization: Respecting Copyright and Authorized Usage

Scandinavialamp exclusively holds the copyright for all images within the Scandinavian Photo Bank. Access to and usage of these images are granted only to authorized users.

  1. Flexibility and Usage Rights: How You Can Utilize the Images

You have the freedom to:

Share watermarked images with your clients via email, showcasing your product range effectively.
Display watermarked images on your websites, enhancing the visual appeal of your online presence.
Compile watermarked images onto CDs, creating E-catalogs for distribution to potential clients.

  1. Restrictions and Reserved Rights: Protecting Creative Integrity

Please refrain from:

Selling the images or sharing them with third parties. These images are exclusively for promoting and advertising your own business.
Utilizing the images for any purpose beyond the scope of business promotion.

  1. Copyright Protection: Safeguarding Artistic Ownership

The copyrights for all images within the Scandinavialamp Photo Bank remain the property of Scandinavianlamps. We are committed to protecting and preserving the creative integrity of our work.

We hope these guidelines provide clarity on how to optimally leverage our Photo Bank’s resources. By adhering to these terms, you’re not only enhancing your promotional efforts but also ensuring a mutually respectful partnership. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support your journey toward visual excellence.