Scandinavialamp Team

Our Team:

Joe Lau, Co-Founder and Lighting Expert: With nearly two decades of experience in contemporary home lighting, Joe Lau is a seasoned professional known for his expertise in fusion lighting design. His commitment to quality craftsmanship and meeting international standards ensures that every product from Scandinavian Interior is visually striking and built to last. Outside of work, Joe enjoys pursuing his hobbies, including deep-sea fishing, exploring Japanese vintage stores for antiques, and discovering hidden culinary gems.

Lemon Wong, Co-Founder and Technical Visionary: As an e-commerce engineer, Lemon Wong plays a vital role in driving the technological aspects of Scandinavian Interior’s operations. When not immersed in work, Lemon finds solace in the comfort of her home, where she enjoys watching TV series. She also cherishes spending quality time with her two children, engaging in sports and games. Tennis is one of her passions, and she has honed her skills to become quite the proficient player.

Kent Wong,

International Sales Manager: As our International Sales Manager, Kent Anderson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team. With a strong background in business English and over 10 years of overseas lighting sales experience, Kent is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients. His excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities enable him to effectively serve our customers, manage export operations, and cultivate long-term business relationships. During his leisure time, Kent enjoys unwinding at karaoke bars and pubs or engaging in sports activities with his son.

Tom Lau, Quality Control Specialist:

Tom Lau, our diligent Quality Control Specialist, brings over 12 years of experience in quality control to ensure that every product meets Scandinavian Interior’s high standards. His honesty, meticulousness, and reliability have been honed through training in multinational corporations. Tom plays a crucial role in maintaining the reputation of Scandinavian Interior Ltd by ensuring the quality of each product. Outside of work, Tom is also an avid sports enthusiast, excelling in basketball. He also enjoys going for runs with his daughter.

Wang Xiang, Production Supervisor and Warehouse Manager: Wang Xiang, our Production Supervisor and Warehouse Manager, brings almost 8 years of experience in LED manufacturing and production line management from a prominent factory in Shenzhen. With his extensive knowledge of lighting and having worked on over 50,000 lighting installations, Wang Xiang plays a vital role in overseeing production and warehouse operations. Outside of work, Wang Xiang is an animal lover and takes care of two adorable cats at home. He also has a passion for gardening and enjoys cultivating green plants.